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The Monitor Minute, excerpts of which are provided below, provide perspectives on topical marketing issues related to a consumer theme.



Trends Deconstructed -- An easy desk reference to ground your thinking about trends and help discern what is fleeting, what is cyclical, what is unpredictable and what is truly a consumer trend with real staying power.
Trends Deconstructed Cover image
  Artificial Intelligence and a Consumer-First Strategy  --This quick read provides a simple framework that helps you take a consumer-first approach to your AI strategy, allowing you to embrace and implement AI in a way that aligns with the expectations of your target audience.
Artificial Intelligence quick read cover image

Millennials and the Moveable Feast--You are what you eat has never been truer for Millennials. Food is increasingly a key component of identity.

food millennials-1


Generations at a Glance--Read this infographic for an informative overview of the different generations and their spending power.


From Badge to Mirror--No longer content to wrap themselves in the aura and imagery of aspirational brands, young consumers are looking for brands that telegraph something about the user’s personality and priorities.

badge pic-1

Gadgetry Isn't Strategy: Is it time to focus on using technology in service of the consumer expectations that the digital revolution has made more pressing—namely, the desire for instant gratification?


A Time to Inspire: As more Americans feel financially secure, now is the time for marketing to inspire. There's no better way to do this than through  breakthrough innovation, ramping up the customer experience (click image below).

monitor min-1

Don't Believe the Hype: The conventional wisdom in the marketing community is that mobile device mainstreaming portends the end of loyalty as we know it, as deal-hungry shoppers “showroom” to get the best price regardless of brand affinity (click image below)


Who is the Polycultural? Are you aligned with Polycultural America? You’ll need to be if you want to stay relevant in the future. At 39% of the U.S. population—and the majority of ethnic people—Polycultural consumers are large, influential and poised to grow (click image below)


The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing in the Big Data Era: What's missing in relationship marketing? Context, relevance, and the human touch. Forging a bond with consumers requires going beyond the clinical precision of Big Data and developing deeper emphathy for consumers and greater subtlety (click image below)


The Unmet Needs of Tech-Immersed Consumers: As technology becomes increasingly woven into the fabric of everyday life, understanding the priorities and pain points of the tech-immersed lifestyle is a critical opportunity to future-proof your business. These consumers’ greater need for community, headspace, and sensation augur the marketing imperatives of tomorrow (click image below).  

tech consumer-1

Winning with Ethnic Millennials: As ethnic Millennials become an increasingly important and influential segment in polycultural America, greater focus must be placed on creating messages that are more attuned to their core value of personal empowerment. Engaged, energized, and vocal about their portrayal, they are adept at using social media (click image below).

millennials multicultural-1

From Product to Service--Delivering Service in the Uber All Economy: Disrupters like Uber or Airbnb are just the first movers in a business model revolution that will touch every industry. To compete, brands must layer personal service atop their product. Learn the essentials of the on-demand landscape (click image below).

uber monitor-2

Is Your Brand Color Brave—Consumer Expectations and Race Issues: As diversity reaches a tipping point in the U.S., racial tensions become ever more prominent in people's minds. Brands that wish to be an intrinsic part of the social fabric must go beyond passive color blindness and learn to be color brave (click image below).

color brave-1

The Power of the Past—Nostalgia Strikes a Chord: As Americans continue to grapple with high levels of anxiety and complexity and an unrelenting pace of life, cultural appeals invoking nostalgia are surging. Brands that cater to Millennials in particular should consider ways to mix in nostalgia with their forward-looking initiatives (click image below).


Think Small—Why the big opportunities in data, messaging, and behavioral change are small: Constant connectivity has transformed consumer behavior and expectations. As consumers make mobile their primary screen and rapidly adopt smart wearable devices, it’s critical that brands adjust to this new and intimate reality (click image below).


The Next Frontier in Mobile : With the mobile revolution in full swing and the “pivot to passive” taking hold, consumers are increasingly expecting marketers to address desires and needs in real time. The next frontier of mobile marketing for brands is bridging the gap between consumers’ in-the-moment needs with their online expectations.


Getting Ready for the Internet of Things: The “Internet of Things” is as much about new marketing opportunities as it is about flashy and innovative technology. Marketers in virtually all sectors of the economy need to look beyond the gadgetry and recognize the innovative and personalized experiences it allows them to create.


The Empathy Imperative : Too often expedience is edging out the need to cultivate greater empathy for consumers in today’s economy. The businesses that truly develop this better sense of consumers’ day-to-day lifestyles and values will be better able to create the kinds of meaningful bonds necessary to create growth in the future.





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