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Title Category Revision Date
Lease Listings Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Taking a Probate Listing Probate 2019-07-02
Emotional Support Animals Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2020-02-28
Acting Against the Advice of the Broker Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues 2018-06-13
Do Not Call Rules - Telemarketing and ROBO Calls Advertising 2018-08-16
Dual Agency Disclosure Guide Disclosure 2018-10-24
Legal Effect of Missing Contract-Related Time Periods Contracts and Forms 2018-11-14
Mediation v. Arbitration Arbitration and Mediation 2019-02-21
Use of an "as is" Clause Contracts and Forms 2018-10-08
Rental Property and Foreclosure Foreclosures and Short Sales 2018-10-08
Fictitious Business Names "DBA"s Advertising 2018-10-08
CA Withholding Tax on Sale of Real Property Tax 2018-10-08
Property Tax Exemptions from Reassessment Tax  2018-08-22
Broker Compensation under the RPA Commissions 2018-06-13
Escalation Clauses Contracts and Forms 2018-06-21
C.A.R. Forms and Copyright Law Contracts and Forms 2018-06-07
Buyer Representation Agreements Contracts and Forms 2018-06-13
Internal Revenue Code § 1031: Tax-Deferred Exchanges Tax 2018-06-21 
Option Contracts Contracts and Forms  2018-06-13
Mediation for the Consumer Arbitration and Mediation 2020-02-24
The Eviction Process Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2018-05-07
RPA Timeline of Events Contracts and Forms 2018-05-09
Liquidated Damages Contracts and Forms 2018-04-30
Errors and Omissions Insurance Insurance 2018-06-07
Marijuana (Cannabis) Issues for REALTORS® Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Property Management FAQs Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Landlord-Tenant Security Deposits (Residential) Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Smoke Alarms Disclosure 2018-05-16
FIRPTA Tax 2018-04-30
Unlicensed Assistants Licensing 2018-05-08 
Transfer Disclosure Statement Law - Exemptions Disclosure 2018-12-18
Transfer Disclosure Statement Law - Overview Disclosure 2018-04-26
Real Estate Commission Agreements Commissions 2018-04-30 
Landlord-Tenant Notices to Terminate Tenancy (Residential) Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Trees and Neighbors Real Property and Title 2018-08-09
The 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction Tax
Seller Property Questionnaire Contracts and Forms 2018-07-05
Record Retention Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues 2018-07-05 
Real Estate License Application and Renewal Licensing 2018-08-09 
Potential Repeal of the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) Statement Disclosure  2018-07-05 
Limited Service/Open Listings Board of REALTORS® 2018-07-02 
Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Real Estate Applications Summary Tax 2019-02-01
Landlords and Proposition 65 Warnings Landlord-Tenant and Property Management  2018-07-05 
Fires (and Similar Natural Disasters) and Cancellation Rights Disasters 2020-08-26
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Disclosure 2018-07-05 
Small Claims Court Miscellaneous 2018-07-25 
Offer Presentation Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues
Privacy, Recording Devices and Security, Part II Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues  2018-03-12 
Privacy, Recording Devices and Security, Part I Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues 2018-03-08 
Property Images Copyright 2018-02-22 
The Revocable Transfer on Death Deed Probate 2018-02-06 
Serving Alcohol at an Open House Advertising 2017-12-14 
Real Estate Licensee's Duty to Inspect Residential Property Disclosure 2017-10-25 
Disclosing Death on a Property Disclosure 2017-10-25 
Procuring Cause Disputes Commissions 2019-09-20
Contingencies and Contingency Removal Contracts and Forms 2017-10-25 
Arbitration for the Consumer Arbitration and Mediation 2018-06-11 
Agent Visual Inspection & Disclosure Forms Disclosure 2017-10-25 
Navigating Square Footage for Buyers and Sellers Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues
Team Names Advertising  2017-10-25 
Referral Fees Referral Fees and RESPA 2017-10-25 
How to Rebate a Commission to a Buyer Referral Fees and RESPA 2017-10-25 
How a Seller Can Cancel a Purchase Agreement Contracts and Forms 2017-10-25 
CalBRE's Consumer Recovery Account Licensing 2017-10-25 
The 2018 Advertising Rules Advertising  2019-06-21
1099 Reporting by Real Estate Brokers Tax 2018-05-18
Abandoned Personal Property After Termination of Tenancy Landlord-Tenant and Property Management  2018-04-30
Buyer Requests for Repairs Contracts and Forms 2018-04-30
Contract Creation, C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) Contracts and Forms 2018-05-01
Contract, General Contracts and Forms 2018-05-15
Counter Offer Forms Contracts and Forms 2018-05-15
Earning a Commission, C.A.R.'s Residential Listing Agreement (RLA) Commissions 2018-05-07
Pocket Listings MLS 2019-05-09 
Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Ordinary Income Applications Tax  2018-01-24
Commissions After Expiration of Exclusive Listing Commissions  2019-07-24
Probate Listings Probate 2019-07-02
Negotiation After Inspection Contracts and Forms 2018-11-14
Changing the Terms of a Tenancy Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Tenant Protection Act of 2019 - Part 1 - Statewide Rent Cap Law Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Tenant Protection Act of 2019 - Part 2 - Just Cause Eviction Law Landlord-Tenant and Property Management
Miscellaneous Landlord Tenant Laws for 2020 Landlord-Tenant and Property Management   2019-11-12
Real Estate Transactions in a Safer at Home Environment (COVID-19) Disclosures 2020-03-30 
Guidance on Visual Inspection Disclosures Disclosures 2020-03-30
Post-Closing Buyer/Seller Disputes Contracts and Forms  2020-02-20 
Showing Compliance: COVID-19 Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2020-07-13
Section I (Substituted Disclosures) of the TDS
Disclosures 2020-07-01
Cannabis (Marijuana) Issues - Sale of Residential Real Property
Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2020-06-23
Cannabis (Marijuana) Issues - Rental of Residential Property
Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2020-06-23
California Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Law as of January 1, 2020 Landlord-Tenant and Property Management 2020-07-23
Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance Broker Practices and Real Estate Office Issues 2020-08-27
Fair Housing Laws  Landlord Tenant and Property Management 2020-08-27 
The COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020 Landlord Tenant and Property Management 2020-09-02
The Centers for Disease Control Federal Eviction Moratorium Order
Landlord Tenant and Property Management 2020-09-16 
Buyer Interest Letters Contracts and Forms 2020-10-22 

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